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Full Body Leather

This gives you the best safety for abrasive scuffs. The suit would be worn with limited under body armour, due to this equipment being built into the leather suit. - Suitable for all speedway tracks and 1/2 mile events

Moto-X Gear

These suits are made of a nylon based fabric. This does not give much protection for abrasion scuffs as it heats up or rips, causing the flesh to be more easily damaged upon impact. The need for full underbody armour is very important - Suitable for Short track use in Canada, but not 1/2 mile racing.


Commonly used worldwide for speedway racing, light, and easy to maneuver while wearing. Good protection for abrasive scuffs and keeps the rider cool. Very expensive for the beginner, suits average at $1500.00 CDN. Under body armour is needed to facilitate full protection. - Suitable for all levels of speedway racing and 1/2 mile events.

Crash Helmet

Full face helmets are required. Either a visor style or Moto-X style. Must be DOT approved for Snell 2010.

Full face helmets are all approved for use under the same approval rating.


Goggles are required for all Moto-X helmet applications. Tear-off applications are optional for the more experienced riders. Not necessary for the new rider. Ensure that specific styles for are purchased if worn over the top of glasses.


Recommendation is for Moto-X style boots. This gives extra support to the ankle and are cost effective for the application.

Daytona speedway boots are also available for speedway racing.

Steel Shoe

A steel base or steel shoe is worn on the left boot. Moto-X boots will require specially fabricated steel shoes, whereas, Daytona speedway boots have specially designed steel shoes manufactured to fit.

Body Armour

Rules indicate that a full back brace be worn by all riders. A full body suit as per the style on the left, is more practical for full protection. If this is NOT worn, elbow pads and a kidney belt should be worn. Padded shorts for hip protection and knee pads are also required,


Moto-X or leather gloves are sufficient for this application.

Jock Strap

Important part of the underbody protection. Got to save and protect the "Crown Jewels!"


A valuable asset is a fully stocked toolbox. Items needed include, spark plug socket and ratchet, wire brush, feeler gauge set, plug cleaning spray, full range of metric sized wrenches and sockets, electric tape, electric spade connectors male + female, duct tape, wire tie straps, hammer, Vise grips, tire levers, screwdrivers, metric nuts and bolts, spare clutch lever assembly, spare cut-off switch, flashlight, 80 grit sandpaper, chain spray, penetrating fluid, lubricant, roll of red and black 18 gauge wire, wire cutters, pliers. metric allen key set,

Methanol Fuel

Fresh methanol fuel can be purchased in single gallons and 5 gallon drums.

Castrol R Oil

Speedway bikes need castrol R or a synthetic alternative. Available in 1 litre or single gallons for more cost effective budgets.

Upright Engine Speedway Bike

An upright style bike is a good bike for any learner. They are readily available in Canada and range from $1200 to $2500 CDN. The 2 valve and 4 valve engines give a good range of power for the beginner.

Laydown Engine Speedway Bike

The introduction of the laydown engine and leading link forks, brought a smoother ride, with smoother power bands to give the rider more feeling and control under faster speeds. These bikes are also readily available for $3000 CDN and up to $8000 for a new bike.


Motorcyle Trailer

For those who do not own a van, a special motorcycle trailer is a must. Using the correct strapping on all for corners to hold the bike stable to comply to the MTO rules and regulations is very important.


Where To Get The Equipment

All the above products are readily available at the best speedway supplier in Canada. Simply click the GT Tuning Canada link below where all your needs and available contacts for pricing, are shown.

CSRA Membership

Joining our Association ensures that all points earned through racing will be awarded toward the yearly national prizes.

$30.00 Individual / $40.00 Family CDN

CMA Racing License

A full CMA license is required for all events except Paris Speedway.

$75.00 CDN


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